International Summer Camp UK

Camp Counsellor Job Description

Position Title: Camp Counselor

Reports To: Head Counsellor

Summer Salary (2021): £2050

2021 Dates of Employment: Monday June 21st (2pm) - Saturday August 7th (6pm)

Counsellor Job Description:

"Do what needs to be done to show campers the most AMAZING summer camp experience possible"

Job Summary:

Under the guidance of the Head Counsellors and Camp Directors, provide the daily leadership and pastoral welfare of a group of eight to twelve campers, helping each camper adjust to Camp life and have a positive experience at Camp Cooper. Counsellors will lead programmes that provide campers with the opportunity to enjoy, explore, make friends, learn skills and grow from their experiences with other campers at Camp Cooper.


  • Is at least 18 years old by the end of staff training.
  • Previous overnight camping experience or equivalent experience with children.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Adhere to all health and safety regulations.
  • Lead a cabin group as a sole counsellor or co-counsellor (pastoral welfare)
  • Create and lead cabin activities designed to meet the needs of camper’s interests and ages.
  • Instruct and lead in assigned Elective Activities.

General Responsibilities:

  • Conduct him/herself in a way that is, at all times, consistent with Camp policies.
  • Be informed of all emergency procedures and contact numbers.
  • Read and understand the Staff Manual.
  • Be present and punctual at routine gatherings (meals, flagpole, meetings, etc.).
  • Participate and assist with Camp activities (All-Camps, Cabin Activities, Electives etc.).
  • Accept time-off as scheduled by the Camp Director – 1 day off per week
  • Assume the leadership of other cabin groups if another cabin group requires supervision due to the time-off schedule.
  • Work with various age groups over the summer.
  • Be ready and willing to accept duties assigned by the Camp Director
  • Ensure that campers practise good personal hygiene and collect medication at the appropriate times.
  • Attend meetings as scheduled by the Camp Director.
  • Be attentive to and concerned with the specific needs of individual campers. 
  • Keep Camp Directors well informed regarding camper welfare.
  • Guide campers in participation in individual and Camp-wide activities.
  • Develop meaningful and varied cabin activities.
  • Ensure cabin clean-up is done on a daily basis
  • Camper check-in during electronic time and ensure electronics are taken back in
  • Ensure campers are in cabin or in assigned place during siesta
  • Complete birthday postcards at the end of each two-week session. 

Some duties may be reassigned & additional duties may be assigned.

Physical Demands:

  • Able to assist to lead and participate in camp activities which include, but are not limited to, hiking, swimming, building campfires, physical games and activities.
  • Must have the ability to physically support children when needed for safety in general camp activities (child weighing 85 kg)
  • Able to walk one mile in under 14 minutes without assistance.
  • Able to lift a 14” X 18” X 36” trunk/luggage weighing 18kg to a height of 48”.
  • Able to climb stairs, bend, stoop, kneel, twist, reach with hands, sit, stand for an extended period of time, walk, lift and/or move up to 18 kg, have finger dexterity, grasp, perform repetitive motions, talk, hear and have visual acuity.

Work Environment:

  • Able to work outside and be in a natural environment that requires sitting on the ground and being outside in the rain.
  • Able to sleep and live in a cabin, with minimal privacy, with other staff members