International Summer Camp UK


We are proud to say that our 2022 camper families rated their Camp Cooper experience 9.5/10 and 100% of them would recommend us to a friend!!!

We can put you in contact with previous camper families so you can hear first-hand. 

Varvara - 11 years old from Russia

Parent of Varvara: "It's amazing how you and your staff managed to make her quite a different person in just less than two weeks. We strongly believe that she has become brighter, more joyful, more appreciative of the best human features, of friendship and good will."

Alice - 9 years from the UK

Parent of Alice "Camp Cooper has given our daughter the best time this summer and so many wonderful memories to cherish. We put our trust in Camp Cooper to take good care of our child and she was well looked after by her cabin counsellors and all the other counsellors."

Lachlan - 12 years old from America

Parent of Lachlan "He had another epic year at Camp Cooper and will be returning next year. This time his younger brother will be ready to join him. Lachlan came back having made so many new friends but also strengthened his friendships from last year. Everyone is kind, it feels like a family."

Rosie - 14 year old from the UK

Parent of Rosie "My daughter did not want to leave after 2 weeks and has not stopped talking about Camp. The smiles on the Camp Cooper Facebook Page say it all really. I would have no reservations in recommending this Summer Camp to any parent looking for this type of holiday for their child."

Jameson - 13 year old from France

Parent of Jameson (& Keanan) "This camp more than met my expectations! The kids spoke english without realising they were speaking english... The counsellors and electives made the boys feel at home RIGHT from the minute they met them. I felt like I was leaving them in good hands.... and I was right!... The boys both said IMMEDIATELY that they wanted to go back!

Stephanie - 13 years old from the UK

Parent of Stephanie "Camp Cooper is all about your child gaining confidence and learning to make new friends from all over the world. The children have fun from the moment they arrive and it seems to be non stop full of activities and laughter.

Yara - 11 years old from the Netherlands

Parent of Yara "It was Yara's first time away from home and she loved every single minute of her stay at Camp Cooper. The counsellors were amazing and very attentive. She didn't miss home at all. The activities were absolutely awesome. She grew up in 2 weeks away from home and can now easily converse in English. In the future she wants to return every year and even become a counsellor.:)

Noa - 13 years old from Israel

Noa "The staff is beyond caring and supportive they are funny and loving and kind. The girls in my cabin and my friends in other cabins are friends for life. Goodbye was too hard, than we say 'see you next year'. Everything was so interesting and exciting and welcoming, nobody wanted to leave. Whether it's you first or fifth year this place is your home."

Claudia - 13 years old from Spain

Parent of Claudia "She has spent 3 fantastic weeks in Camp Cooper where she has met a lot of new friends for all around the world. She has enjoyed all the activities (very good variety of electives). The second day at the Camp, she was asking us to go back next year with her sister."

James - 14 years old from Singapore

Parent of James: "In my son's own words: "IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!" He loved the camp & wants to come back next year for longer. As a parent, I was delighted with the friendly, yet also efficient & helpful, approach to everything. I also really appreciated the culture of inclusiveness they encourage."

Emma - 8 years old from the UK

Parent of Emma "Excellent location. Friendly and approachable staff. Excellent range of activities. My daughter had the time of her life. Thank you!!"

Ramy - 12 years old from Egypt

Ramy: "Imagine Camp Cooper was a bottle. The bottle would be filled with pure awesomeness.

I love Camp Cooper; the campers are great and the counsellors are awesome. I just love this place; it's like my home and i'm definitely coming again next year."

Atlanta - 8 years old from the UK

Atlanta: "I'm going to super-glue myself to the staff so I never have to leave Camp Cooper, and I might pack myself in one of the counsellor's suitcases so I go home with them. I love it here at Camp."

Danielle - 12 years old from Israel

Danielle: "My two weeks at Camp Cooper were an incredible experience far beyond what I could have ever imagined. I made new friends from different countries in a very short time and I really miss my noisy roommates from my cabin who became a very integral part of my life for these two weeks.

Ginny - 12 years old from the UK

Parent of Ginny "Our daughter loved the camp, making good friends and enjoying the many activities that you offer."

Andrew - 16 years old from the Philippines

Andrew: "If you want to be in a place to be yourself, have a laugh with people from all around the world, or simply just go crazy, Camp Cooper is truly the place to be.The staff were very friendly and the campers were seriously awesome. Nothing but fun and excitement one after the other. Range of actioned packed activities every single day. I wish I can be in Camp Cooper forever."

Ben - 15 years old from the UK

Ben: "I love Camp Cooper! Mainly because you make loads of new friends and the friendships you make can last forever; you've just got to stay in touch, stay friendly and be awesome at what you do here at Camp Cooper."

Lena - 12 years old from Germany

Lena: "Camp Cooper was like big family for me! it was so much fun and so many games and all people who did not want to come in the beginning cried when we had to leave in the end (everyone cried anyway on the last day!). I WANT TO COME BACK!"

Zoe - 15 years old from the USA

Parent of Zoe: "Zoe loved Camp Cooper. She talks about it all the time. You have been wonderful through this whole process. I can't thank you enough."

Rodrigo - 10 years old from Portugal

Parent of Rodrigo: "This was the first time Rodrigo went abroad for such an experience. He enjoyed it so much that when I went to pick him up at Edinburgh airport he didn't want to come back to Lisbon! This tells me everything about his experience at Camp Cooper!"

Andrew - 14 years old from Greece

Parent of Andrew: "I am so thrilled seeing my son so happy!!! THANK YOU Camp Cooper for all you did in the past two weeks to make them so special and memorable for Andrew."

Camilla - 13 years old from Italy

Camilla: "Camp Cooper has been the best experience I have ever had. Counsellors are simply great, helpful, funny, friendly and professional."

Matthais - 15 years old from Germany

Parent of Matthias: "A great place to make new friendships in the Scottish countryside near Edinburgh."

Benji & Tino - 14 & 16 year olds from Luxembourg

Parent: Bengi & Tino have safely arrived back from Camp Cooper. They had enthusiastic words to say about Camp - everybody was friendly and helpful. They learnt a lot and their English is much more fluent now. We are also happy because they spoke English the entire time. They even said they would have liked to have stayed longer, which is quite exceptional because they love it here in Luxembourg