International Summer Camp UK

Special Events

Evening and weekend programmes bring the whole Camp together for Camp-wide special events. Often the highlights of the summer, our special events promise to be fun, exciting and an experience to remember for years to come.

Vikings & Celts

A highlight of the summer! Campers are placed into one of two teams - the Vikings or Celts and spend their day in friendly competition.



Themed carnivals bring all of Camp together - Music, stalls, snacks, dress-up and fun galore! 

The Hunger Games

Campers will get the opportunity to survive the Hunger Games by hunting others, hiding in woodlands and forming links with others in a battle to be crowned the victor.


Always popular with campers as they show off their latest dance moves and hang out with friends.

Wacky O'Cart

A great activity - full of creativity, design and running! Campers compete to build their best cart and then compete around our race track - full of obstacles, to claim victory for their team!

The Square

Cabin groups will compete in the ultimate competition at Camp Cooper - The Square. Physical, mental and skill challenges are set up in the arena known as 'The Square'. The challenges may seem easy at first, but can you handle the pressure?

1-Take Video

Campers work together to create an epic one take video. Lots of creativity and fun required!


An evening full of creativity, fun and surprise! Campers learn a dance routine to be used at a random time during Camp

Zombie Apocalypse

A zombie Apocalypse has hit Camp Cooper! Will you be able to escape from the zombies and find the cure or will you become a zombie!?!?

Chill Out Evening

Time to relax with  board games, open mic, yoga, card games and chatting with friends. Sometimes a relaxing evening is needed after a fun-fuelled day at Camp Cooper!

The Amazing Race

The most Amazing of races at Camp Cooper! Cabin groups compete in a series of mental, physical challenges around Camp to win points for their team and win a prize

The Crystal Maze

Cabins compete with each other in a series of mental, physical and skill based challenges to get as many crystals as they can. Teams with the most crystals get more time in our final epic event!

Territory Wars

Campers are split into 4 tribes and compete for land and resources. A game of competition, strategy and loyalty!

Quiz Night

Compete against other teams and win individual and team prizes. 

Capture the Lantern

Is there a more popular game at Camp Cooper? We're not sure there is! Campers compete to sneak through the woods, avoid being caught by our specialist guards and earn legendary status by capturing the hidden lantern.


Our famous lip-syncing competition! Cabins prepare a lip-syncing performance and battle it out to be the winner!

Talent Show

A perfect time to show off your skills in front of the whole of Camp.

Mission Impossible

Are there aliens at Camp? Have our staff been cloned? Solve the mission with your team. A game of mystery and intrigue! 


Cabins need to find all the clues around Camp - but be careful, there are some evil doctors around trying to stop you! No need to worry though, there are some good doctors around to help if you shout MEDIC!!!

Jurassic World

Dinosaurs have been let loose on Camp and have taken over. Can you avoid being attacked by them and get communications system back? You'll have to work as a team in this fun-fuelled All-Camp

Staff v Campers

Your chance to compete against our staff! Do you think you're faster, funnier, stronger, smarter, more arty, more crafty, better at hiding or quicker at maths than our staff? Here's your chance to find out

Messy Olympics

It's as good as it sounds! Get ready to get gunged, wet, messy, covered in flour and have lots of fun!

Bake-Off Competition

Do you make an amazing chocolate cake, victoria sponge or blueberry muffin? Here's the chance to show-off your amazing baking skills!

Sports Tournament

Spend the evening competing in a sports tournament - football, tennis, basketball or cricket.


The traditional beginning and end to every session at Camp Cooper. Cabin groups have the opportunity to perform songs, skits as well as having a s'more.

Music Festivals

Music festivals are a time our campers can rock out and entertain the audience! Campers can perform a solo or in a band.

All Girl's / All Boy's Night

Time for all of the girls to spend time together and all the boys to spend time together. Lots of fun with sports tournaments, lip-syncing competitions, talent shows and team challenges.

Pool Party

Games, inflatable toys, music and fun as

the whole Camp spend their summer

afternoon splashing in the swimming pool.