International Summer Camp UK

#9 Build Life-Long Skills

At Camp Cooper there are approximately 100 campers and 25 staff who come together to create a special environment full of positivity, enthusiasm and kindness. We design our programme to develop key life-skills that carry on years after Camp.

Our staff are carefully picked to be positive role models for the campers. They help create a positive environment where campers feel they can be themselves and develop key skills all whilst having endless amounts of fun.

Underneath are the life-skills we try and develop and how we do it:

Kindness - A strong emphasis is placed upon showing kindness to others at Camp. Staff will praise campers that help others and display acts of kindness to others.

Resilience - We encourage campers to try new and exciting activities and ensure they have the determination to succeed or keep on trying - even if there are challenges along the way. 

Understanding - Campers will be living with campers from a variety of nationalities and will learn about new customs, traditions and cultures.

Independence - Living away from home, campers will be required to make their bed everyday, clean their room and help clear up after every meal. With support from their counsellors, campers will learn to live independently and resolve any issues through appropriate means.

Confidence - Campers will live in a positive environment where positive behaviour is recognised and rewarded by our staff. Campers are encouraged to be themselves and have fun in a positive environment

Communication - Campers will be living with people from all around the world and will learn to communicate and express themselves in a clear and concise way.