International Summer Camp UK

Complaints Procedure

  • We welcome feedback on all aspects of our programme at The International Summer Camp UK
  • We will try to resolve all ‘non-formal’ complaints as we receive them.
  • A very small % of the feedback that we receive needs to be dealt with formally as a ‘complaint’.  This requires a formal process to manage. 

Complaints about any aspect of The International Summer Camp UK can come from anywhere, however, most likely would come from one of four groups of people:

  • Campers (or potential campers)
  • Parents/guardians (of camper or potential camper)
  • Public – A member of the public who has come into contact with our programme
  • Staff

What is a complaint?

Something is designated a complaint if:

  • It cannot be dealt with and resolved ‘on the ground’.
  • It is received in writing to the Camp Director 

Non-formal complaints

Enquiries we deem as ‘non-formal’ complaints, for example, those that have an element of a complaint or simply express dissatisfaction, we will treat as standard enquiries.


Complaints Process Stages:

Please note - only complaints that have been submitted in writing, within 1 calendar month of the incident happening will be acknowledged and dealt with. 




Complaint received

Complaint inputted in complaints tracker

Within 24 hours

Complaint Acknowledged

Camp Director acknowledges the complaint via email or in-person

Within 48 hours


Camp Director completes an investigation by speaking to all relevant parties

Within 20 working days

Action points

Camp Director summarises any action points (if needed)

Within 25 working days

Response sent to the complainant

Camp Director send a letter via email or mail to the complainant, explaining the outcome of the investigation, action points and an apology (if deemed necessary).

Within 30 working days


External Complaint via The British Accreditation Council

Parents or students may feel suitably aggrieved that they would like to lodge a formal complaint with an external organisation. The British Accreditation Council can deal with a complaint regarding the International Summer Camp UK. Please follow this link:

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!" He loved the camp & wants to come back next year for longer

James (UK Camper)