International Summer Camp UK

1 Camp, 2 Locations!

Camp Cooper has two fantastic locations! Camp Cooper Crieff and Camp Cooper Edinburgh - both in bonnie Scotland!

Both Camps have the same atmosphere, environment and activities.

The only differences between the two Camps are:

  • Camp Cooper Crieff has two-week sessions and Camp Cooper Edinburgh has one and two-week session options.
  • Camp Cooper Crieff is for 7-17-year-olds and Camp Cooper Edinburgh is for 7 - 15-year-olds

Which Camp should I choose?

Which Camp should I choose?

Camp Cooper has two fantastic locations! Camp Cooper Crieff and Camp Cooper Edinburgh - both in bonnie Scotland! Both are easily accessible by Edinburgh Airport.

Travelling to & from Camp

Info on how to get to & from Camp Cooper. Both Camps are easily accessible by car and plane!

Girl's Accommodation

The girl's accommodations are warm, modern and have fantastic common areas for girls to socialise

Boy's Accommodation

The boy's accommodation is warm, sociable and in a great location in the centre of Camp

Around Camp

Around Camp

Our Camp is located in the picturesque countryside of Scotland. Our Camp has beautiful forests surrounding us, making it the perfect location to explore, play and relax.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall

Our dining hall is EPIC! We bring the whole camp together for meals and there's always music, singing, dancing or karaoke to ensure meals are not only delicious but also entertaining!

Ga Ga Pit

Ga Ga ball is easily the most popular activity area on Camp. It's like playing dodgeball in a mini-colosseum - its an epic part of Camp Cooper!

Main Building

Main Building

Our main building is at the center of Camp and is a hub of activity. The main building is home to some of our accommodation, common rooms, office and Camp store.

Performing Arts Theatre

Performing Arts Theatre

Musicals, drama workshops, talent shows and music performance - our performing arts theatre is in constant use at Camp Cooper! 

Tennis Courts

Our tennis courts are of the highest quality and help campers learn and develop their tennis skills. We have 4 fantastic tennis courts at Camp Cooper

Swimming Pool

Pool party!!!! Campers will get the chance to hang with their friends in our fantastic swimming pool

High Ropes Course

The high ropes course offers campers the opportunity to test themselves on our rope elements and zipline.

Art Studio

A place of creativity! Our Art studio is perfect for the budding artist or for campers wanting to do a craft project. Art, jewellery-making, crafts and ceramics are exciting activities in our studio.

Campfire Circle

Campfires are a time that everyone comes together to share songs, skits and traditions. Our campfire circle is at the heart of Camp and is a traditional way of starting and ending our sessions at Camp Cooper.

Sports Fields

From colour competitions to World Cup football tournaments to games of rounders, our sports fields are in constant use during Camp!

Dance Studio

Dance Studio

From hip-hop, to breakdancing to locking - our dance studio is a creative space for campers to learn new dance skills and have fun! 

Golf Course

The gold course is a perfect way for campers to learn new skills and develop their game. Professional instructors will help campers on the golf course as well as on the driving range.

Basketball Court

Our basketball court is perfect for those who want to develop their skills as well as those who just want to shoot a few hoops.

Music Studio

Our music studio is where our Rockstar! elective practise before they play on stage at the end of the week!

Sports Hall

Our sports hall is in constant use - from dodgeball, to indoor football to meeting before an all-camp, our multi-use sports hall is a great addition to Camp