International Summer Camp UK

#7 Our Philosophy

With over 20 years experience in the summer camp field, the Directors of the International Summer Camp UK, Donna & Hiran, are passionate about letting young people thrive and the positive benefits of the summer camp experience.

Our Belief:

Camp Cooper advocates taking young people out of their comfort zone and giving them new and exciting challenges to gain new skills, forge new relationships and broaden their horizons & aspirations. We are actively committed to bringing together young people from different backgrounds to create a sense of belonging. Young people will learn to work together and develop life skills such as leadership and communication, which will last beyond their summer at Camp. We believe young people will grow in confidence, gain new interests and develop into independent individuals.

Our Approach:

Campers will take part in Camp traditions, learn to express themselves in a creative atmosphere, create lasting friendships with people from around the world, develop and learn through trying challenging activities and being supported by positive role models, all whilst having fun.

Our Mission:

Camp Cooper exists to connect young people from around the world to create a community that fosters a sense of belonging and inspires creativity,

                         Tradition | Creativity | Friendship | Learning | Fun