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Head Counsellor Roles (Leadership Team Role)

The Head Counsellor role is a leadership role at Camp Cooper - you will also be assisting with all aspects of running Camp. It is perfect for anyone that is looking for a new challenge at Camp

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for experienced Camp Counsellors / Youth Workers who are looking for a new role at Summer Camp. The Head Counsellor roles are leadership roles at Camp Cooper - you will be assisting with all aspects of running Camp and responsible for managing the Camp Counsellors.

The Head Counsellors will need to be fantastic role models, leaders and mentors to the counsellors. They need to be able to build strong relationships and teach counsellors key skills to ensure they are great at their roles. 

The role is most suited to people looking for a new challenge or extra responsibility at Camp 

Head Counsellor Role 1

Head Counsellors will manage cabins, counsellors and the pastoral management of the campers. They will assist with the general running of Camp

Head Counsellor Role 2 - Activity Head Counsellor

Activity Head Counsellors will oversee the elective programmes at Camp. They will be responsible for managing the electives - ensuring that the electives run smoothly, equipment is organised, curriculum/activities are well prepared and debriefs with the activity counsellors happen every day.


Head Counsellor Key responsibilities

  • Managing Camp Counsellors 
  • Running Staff Meetings
  • Dealing with camper issues - e.g. homesickness, arguments, challenging behaviour
  • Scheduling activities
  • Helping run large events
  • Helping in the office and organising Camp logistics
  • Writing and giving staff evaluations
  • Helping with all aspects of Camp 

Activity Head Counsellor Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the elective activity programme
  • Responsible for the curriculum for electives 
  • Support the counsellors in the delivery of the elective activities
  • Ensure we have equipment in place for electives
  • Debrief with activity counsellors
  • Ensure electives are safe 

Other duties may be assigned.

Physical Demands:

  • Able to assist to lead and participate in camp activities which include, but are not limited to, hiking, swimming, building campfires, physical games and activities.
  • Must have the ability to physically support children when needed for safety in general camp activities (child weighing 85 kg)
  • Able to walk one mile in under 14 minutes without assistance.
  • Able to lift a 14” X 18” X 36” trunk/luggage weighing 18kg to a height of 48”.
  • Able to climb stairs, bend, stoop, kneel, twist, reach with hands, sit, stand for an extended period of time, walk, lift and/or move up to 18 kg, have finger dexterity, grasp, perform repetitive motions, talk, hear and have visual acuity.

Work Environment:

  • Able to work outside and be in a natural environment that requires sitting on the ground and being outside in the rain.
  • Able to sleep and live in a cabin, with minimal privacy, with other staff members


Time What's Happening What will you be doing?
8am - 8.30am Resource Staff Meeting 
  • The resource staff meet at the start of the day to chat through priorities and plan for the day
8.30am - 9.15am Breakfast
  • 1 Head counsellor on duty
9.15am - 9.35am Cabin Cleanup
  • Head counsellors will assist counsellors to ensure campers are doing cabin cleanup and getting ready for the day ahead
9.35am - 9.45am Circle Time
  • Campers all meet to get energized for the day! Some stretching, yoga and maybe a dance routine are usually part of our morning energizer routines.
  • Head counsellors will assist with managing the campers during circle time
9.45am - 10.15am Debrief
  • Head Counsellors will have a debrief with their counsellors and discuss any issues with the campers in their cabins
10.15am - 11.45am Elective 1 
  • Deal with any camper issues that have come up
11.45am - 12.30pm Electronics Time
  • Break / Off
12.30pm - 1.15pm Lunch
  • 1 Head counsellor on duty
1.15pm - 2.30pm Siesta
  • Break / Off
2.30pm - 4.30pm Elective 2
  • Deal with any camper issues that have come up / get set up for the evening programme
4.30pm - 5.45pm Cabin Group Activity
  • Support counsellors running the cabin activities 
  • Check-in on cabin
5.45pm - 6pm Flagpole
  • Flagpole is a fun cabin “check”. Each cabin name is called and instead of saying “here or present” the cabin typically says/does something random, funny or wacky such as a quote from a film, a line from a song, a joke etc.
6pm - 7pm Dinner
  • 1 Head counsellor on duty
7pm - 7.15pm All-Camp Prep
  • Head counsellors will help ensure we are all set up for our All-Camp events
7.15pm - 8.30pm All-Camp
  • Head counsellors will assist in the running of our all-camp programmes
8.30pm - 10.30pm Bed Time
  • Time for bed. Head Counsellors will ensure bedtime runs smoothly

*other breaks will also be given throughout the day

About You

Candidates must demonstrate the following skills and characteristics:


  • Experience working directly with groups of young people aged 7-17
  • Have or willing to obtain a first aid certificate
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability to be a positive role model for young people
  • Ability to lead training sessions 
  • Experience of working in a fast-paced and demanding environment
  • Maturity to be responsible for the care, well-being and safety of young people


  • Experience of working with young people from a range of nationalities
  • Experience working at a summer camp
  • Other Information

    1. Applicant must successfully pass full background and reference checks
    2. Applicant must be available to work the duration of the Camp, including staff training.
    3. Staff get 1 day off per week, scheduled by the Camp