International Summer Camp UK

Camp Nurse

Job Summary:

The nurse is responsible for the health care of the campers and staff at Camp including giving out medications, dealing with ill or injured campers and dealing with medical emergencies.

Experience Required:

  • Have a valid nurse qualification
  • Experience working in a fast-paced and demanding environment
  • Maturity to be responsible for the care, well-being and safety of young people

Key Responsibilities:

  • Giving out routine camper medications
  • Dealing with routine camper injuries and illnesses such as cuts, scrapes, grazes,
    colds, sore throats etc
  • Dealing with emergency medical situations
  • Ensure illness, injuries and incidents are reported/documented
  • Check for allergies and general issues for campers attending future sessions
  • Organise the health centre and all of the medications

General Responsibilities:

  • Conduct themselves in a way that is, at all times, consistent with Camp policies.

Nurses can work 2, 4 or 6 weeks at Camp. Underneath are the available dates:

Camp Cooper 

  • Saturday June 29 - Saturday July 13, 2024  
  • Saturday July 13 - Saturday July 27, 2024 
  • Saturday July 27 - Friday August 10, 2024 


The salary for a two-week period is £1500. This includes room and board (the salary is subject to all normal UK taxes - e.g PAYE and National Insurance Contributions)

To Apply

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to