International Summer Camp UK


Our tennis elective is for beginners to advanced players. Our tennis coach will ensure campers achieve their personal goals and become better players.

Beginners will learn to develop their basic tennis strokes whilst advance players will refine their skills and use their strengths for competitive advantage.

Campers will benefit from small classes to ensure close coaching from our Tennis Specialist. 

Key Skills Include:

  • Understanding of grip, footwork & strokes
  • Development of positioning
  • Development of serves
  • Decision-making activities
  • Refinement of key skills
  • Understanding key strengths & opposition weakness
  • Individual and group activities built around fun and skill development

Sample Tennis Elective Schedule

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Warm up & stretches Warm up & stretches Warm up & stretches Warm up & stretches Warm up & stretches
Introduction & skills assessment Serve drill 1 Backhand drill 1 Positioning drill Tournament
Forehand drill 1 Serve drill 2 Backhand drill 2 Back of court drill Tournament
Forehand drill 2 Serve & volley drill Decision-making drill Doubles game Tournament
Singles game Singles game Singles game Singles Game Review