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First and foremost, Camp Cooper is a family business. We love summer camp and have over 20 years experience working at and running summer camps!

We are passionate about youth development and believe whole-heartedly in the positive impact Camp can have on young people.

We believe Camp Cooper has the perfect variety of activities, mix of staff and magic camp-spirit for the perfect summer experience. 

Here's the story of how Camp Cooper started:

Growing up...

Our summer holidays were fun, filled with playing outside, friends, barbecues, family day trips and ice lollies. One summer a new tv show aired, it was all about American kids at summer camp. We were hooked. Each morning we sat on the couch at different sides of the country so excited to see the fun, adventure, traditions and friendships which took place at Camp. As the campers packed their bags to go home, not wanting to leave quite yet and already counting the days until they could return, we begged our families to find us a summer camp to go to but none could be found in the UK.

First time at Camp...

Although we grew up hundreds of miles apart, Hiran in Yorkshire and Donna in the west coast of Scotland, not yet having met, the story was the same. As high school passed by, we never forgot the idea of going to Camp and at 18 packed our bags and headed to America to work as Camp Counsellors. Luckily for us, we both ended up at a wonderful Camp on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We loved every minute! We both returned year after year to spend our summer holidays from university at Camp, tryng our hand at roles from Camp Counsellor, to Unit Leader, Boating Director and Outdooor Education Instructors.

Camp becomes our career & passion...

Upon graduating university, we were offered the opportunity to work year round at Camp; Hiran as the Boy's Camp Director and Donna as the Assistant Director of the Girl's Camp and Teen Director. We spent 5 amazing years living on Camp and were lucky enough to watch many of our youngest campers grow into wonderful staff members.

Camp Cooper is created...

We decided to come back to the UK to live near family and friends. As we worked on seperate youth summer programmes, we realised that they missed the magic we had both known at Camp. And so, after many, many months of brainstorming and planning, adding our own unique spin and experience to the magic and adventure of Camp, Camp Cooper was born. And the rest as they say is history.

We are so excited to welcome you to Camp Cooper this summer! If you would like to say hi, ask a question or tell us what you are most looking forward to at Camp, we would love to hear form you! You can call us on +44 (0) 3333 44 00 77.

  • Donna McGuire-Silva Donna McGuire-Silva I have over 10 years experience working at summer camp and was the Assistant Director of an amazing summer camp in America. I love exploring new places, outdoor sports especially water activities, crafts, chocolate, eating tasty food, playing wtih our dog Cooper and spending time with family and friends. - Contact me at
  • Hiran Silva Hiran Silva I have over 10 years experience working at summer camps and I was the Director of a fantastic summer camp in America for 5 years. I love football, cinema trips, photography, painting, throwing a ball for Cooper and new challenges! - Contact me at
  • Who's Cooper? Who's Cooper? Cooper is our fun loving, gentle and lovable Welsh Springer Spaniel. Cooper was born in the summer of 2009 and has spent his life growing up on a summer camp, travelling the world and chasing tennis balls.