International Summer Camp UK

English Language Camp

For international students that would like to improve their English language skills, we offer high quality English language lessons combined with an English immersion programme which will help develop life-skills and create long-lasting friendships.

Our English lessons are part of our elective activity programme. Campers do 8-10 hours per week of English lessons and we have beginners, intermediate and advanced classes.

Many of our campers are from the UK or are bilingual and so don't take English as one of the electives. English language lessons are entirely optional.

English Immersion

Camp Cooper gives international campers the opportunity to learn English in a fully English speaking environment. Our counsellors all speak English fluently and the entire programme is taught and led in English. This means that international campers will learn English throughout the day; speaking with their friends during meals, taking part in activities and chatting to their friends in the cabin.

This offers campers the chance to learn in an English speaking environment and whilst we offer English language lessons, as much learning is done outside of the classroom as in it!

Style of Teaching

At Camp Cooper our Engish lessons are designed to be fun, challenging and have a social aspect to it, meaning that they create friendships at the same time as learning. Our qualified teachers will teach campers the class curriculum through games, songs and activities. We make sure that campers enjoy their learning experience and have fun in the classroom environment.

We focus on campers learning to speak English fluently through building up their confidence and ensuring they constantly speak English througout their time at Camp Cooper. Our teachers constantly encourage and motivate the campers and give them individual attention.

English Lessons at Camp Cooper

On the first day of Camp, each camper’s English level is assessed. This means that they will be able to learn with others who are at a similar stage.

At the end of every week, teachers re-assess each camper to see if they have made sufficient progress to move up to the next class.

Beginners Classes

Our beginner English classes use a fun, creative approach to learning. One of our key aims of this class is to motivate and inspire our campers.

Intermediate Classes

Our intermediate English classes help campers progress their English language skills and increase their confidence.

Advanced Classes

Our advanced syllabus provides a successful blend of opportunities for campers to use and develop their English.

Assessing Levels

On the first day of the English elective, we assess all the campers who have chosen English to ensure they are at the correct level