International Summer Camp UK

Leadership Programme

Our Leaders-in-Training (LIT) programme is for young people aged 16 - 17 years old. This programme is for those who are ready to take on new challenges, opportunities and responsibilities.  Our hands-on learning environment allows LIT’s to develop strong leadership skills while putting their new skills into practice on a daily basis.

The fun, magical & creative culture of Camp provides the ideal setting to develop important life skills such as communication, problem-solving and cooperation.  LIT’s will acquire the skills necessary to be a great Camp staff member as well as developing life-skills that will benefit them for university and beyond.

Young People can attend the LIT Programme for 2, 4 or 6 weeks. Only available at Camp Cooper Crieff

Programme Structure

LIT Interactive Training - Led by the LIT Director:

LITs will take part in training sessions, team-building activities and get hands-on experience of working with and teaching younger campers. LITs will take part in training sessions which are split into building their life-skills and helping them work with children.

Life-skills Training

  • Goal-setting
  • Stages of group development
  • Communication
  • Leadership Introduction
  • Leadership 2 
  • Planning an Event
  • Public Speaking
  • Motivation
  • Personal Development
  • Positive Self-Talk

Working with Children Training

  • Dealing with challenging behaviour
  • All aspects of Camp life
  • Emergency procedures
  • Individual & group development
  • Dealing with homesickness
  • Facilitating friendships
  • Teaching & coaching techniques
  • Being an effective leader
  • Developing new programmes
  • Planning and organising activities

Hands-on Experience:

  • Shadowing and assisting our experienced staff members
  • Observing staff teaching and coaching techniques
  • Assisting with elective activities
  • Assisting with cabin duties
  • Planning, designing and leading camp-wide activities
  • Participate in activities, special events and cultural trips


  • Gain a meaningful leadership experience
  • Learn how to be a successful Counsellor/Youth Worker
  • Develop life-long skills such as problem-solving, leadership, communication & cooperation
  • Create strong friendships
  • Learn from and work with experienced staff members
  • Create new programmes
  • Lead special events
  • Develop teaching & coaching skills
  • Build self-confidence
  • Become a role model for younger campers.
  • Help create a fun and unique culture that makes Camp so special
  • Feedback, evaluations and a reference from the LIT Director 

Dates & Rates:

The dates & rates are the same as our usual Camp sessions and can be found here: Dates & Rates Page

Please note - The LIT Programme is only available at Camp Cooper Crieff


Our LIT programme is very competitive with only 10 LITs per session.

For your chance to participate in our LIT programme this summer, please register and make the deposit payment as soon as possible. The LIT Programme works on a first-come basis and there are only a limited amount of spaces: